Erase My Back Pain Review – Does Emily Lark Program REALLY Work?


Back pain! The killer of your dreams of going to a beautiful mountain for a hike. And the destroyer of your plans of going on a roller coaster ride with your friends. The arch-enemy of all sorts of physical tasks, be it having fun with your friends and family or even doing the typical day to day routines, involving studies, work, and socializing. You name it! Back pain is here to sabotage everything!

So, what is the solution? If you are that person who sees a shooting star and wishes that they were relieved from their back pain, you are in the right spot. Because today, we will review an excellent program that will help you get rid of that pestering back pain.

Erase my back pain by Emily Lark is your one-stop solution for that annoying back pain. Its modules bear surprising benefits and results. The satisfaction from numerous customers all around the world has resulted in the increased fame of this program. It is trending as a powerful solution for the back pain these days and has a long list of happy customers worldwide.

To get rid of your back pains once and for all and that too, at an affordable price. Read on to know more about Erase My Back Pain by Emily Lark.

Table of contents:

  • What is erase my back pain by Emily lark?
  • About Emily lark.
  • How does this program work?
  • Is it safe?
  • What are its advantages and precautions?
  • Is it worth buying this program?

What is erase my back pain by Emily lark?

As is suggested by the name, Emily larks erase my back pain is a safe, fast, and an all-natural cure for chronic back pain. It is not a supplement or a pill, but an online program is divided into three steps, and all of them are to be performed at home!

Now coming to the type of pain this program resolves. It is known as sciatic pain. Maintaining a poor bodily posture for a prolonged time results in constant compression of the sciatic nerve, which leads to chronic sciatic pain.

Therefore instead of going for expensive surgeries that almost reap no benefits and have harmful side effects, you can try “Erase my back pain” by Emily Lark, a yoga program. It contains modules, ranging from performing basic core exercises to various life hacks, which results in curing the back pain forever.

The main difference between this program and most of the other treatments available for chronic back pain is that they focus only on the symptoms and not on the root cause. Still, this system tackles the real problem head-on: exercising those muscles, strengthening them, and relieving them of the pain. Emily highlights the importance of breathing and then provides instructions on combining core strengthening techniques and effective breathing. Together this combination engages the muscles more effectively, making them stronger and also alleviating the pain.


Emily is the designer and creator of this program. She is working as a yoga instructor cum personal trainer in Chicago, America. Since 2004, she is a wellness coach and is a lot popular in Chicago because of her down to earth nature and a very creative teaching style.

When she was only 12 years old, she met with an accident which completely changed her life. The injuries she suffered in this accident resulted in chronic back pain, which lasted for 14 years. When she was 28 years old, the pains became so severe that her physician recommended getting a surgery. Emily decided against this and took matters into her own hands.

She started doing her research and meeting with chiropractors, doctors from orthopedic expertise, reading books, and reading a lot. With her knowledge and dedication to her research, she developed a program that focuses on strengthening the core and chronic back pain alleviation.

She experimented with this program on herself and got relief from her back pain. She has been free from pain for almost a decade now. As of now, she is also running a yoga studio where she teaches this program herself.


This program is divided into three levels. Here we will be discussing these three levels briefly.

  1. Level 1: At this level, the exercises which you perform are very simple. All that one needs is simply a chair and a sofa. It is an introductory level, and it prepares you for all the levels to come. You may develop soreness in muscles during this level. Increasing the water intake will surely help treat this soreness and will also improve blood circulation.
  2. Level 2: This is a level that is a bit more difficult than level 1. It is imperative to pay attention to the needs of the body and go slow. The exercises that you have to perform at this level will use the floor. It is recommended that you use a yoga mat or a carpet for performing the exercises at this level.
  3. Level 3: Similarly, the exercises at this level are more complex and advanced than level 1 and level 2. This exercise also requires a carpet or yoga mat. You might feel pain in the abdominal region, which is normal at this level. Do not worry because it will disappear in a few days.

All exercises are to be performed carefully. You must complete a level 1 and stick to it for a week before moving onto the next one. Moreover, there is a lot more detail on the official website and the program’s actual modulus about these levels.


Since it does not include any pill or medication, this program is 100% natural and safe to use by anyone suffering from chronic back pain. Although there are some disadvantages of this program which are given as follows:

  • This program is in digital form, and hence secure internet connection is the basic need.
  • Since it is in digital form, you also need to buy it online.


This program has virtually numerous advantages and benefits. We discuss some of them here:

  • It cures back pain naturally.
  • It also improves overall health.
  • There is no age restriction.
  • Safe for both men and women.
  • There are also surprise bonuses free of cost.
  • It only requires 10 minutes daily.


Erase my back pain by Emily Clark is an efficient approach towards the treatment of chronic back pain. Since it is a module, a program, and no form of medication, this strategy is an all-natural and healthy cure for back pain. Being completely safe and with no side effects, Emily clerks erase my back pain is a very efficient program. Numerous happy customers all around the globe speak a ton about the success of this program.

Due to any reason you do not like the results of this program, the creator and her company also provides you with a 60 days money-back guarantee which you can avail. The company does not require you to return the DVDs.


It is available in two bundle packets. After going through its benefits, one must think that it is expensive, but this is far from the truth. The product initially costs $99.95. right now, there is a discount going on, and you can get the product only for $37.

There are two bonuses also available inside the program free of cost. These bonuses include the following:


You will love this program without any doubt. But for some reason, if you do not like it, there is a money-back option present. Within the 60 days of the purchase, you can opt for a money-back refund. You can mail the company, and after the required procedure, you will be refunded all of your money. You can keep the DVDs, no need to send them back. They encourage their customers to give the CDs to someone else who is also suffering from back pain. The company’s motto is to help as many people as they can in some way.


So what is the final verdict? Should you go for it? Absolutely yes! It is all-natural, with no side effects, which is the most significant selling point. You do not need to execute all the levels. If you like level 1, you can use it and stick to it for the rest of your life as long as it helps you reduce and ultimately eradicate your back pain. You only require 10 minutes to do this whole routine, which honestly is a very less amount of time considering its benefits.

The program also comes with a money-back guarantee, which makes it only more suitable for giving it a try. There are no side effects or any significant cons or disadvantages of this program. It is cost-effective, and with the bonuses included, it is a steal at this price. So the honest opinion is that the people suffering from chronic back pain must give this program a try. Research it for yourself, and you will love it!

Stay healthy! Stay safe!

All the best!